VIALOG can help you find partners able to accelerate your business development or market entry (France or England)

Clean Thermodynamic Energy Conversion Ltd is a specialist design engineering company based in Newhaven, East Sussex. CTEC provides innovative clean technology applications that can be integrated into main power generation packages.

The company specializes in energy recovery systems.

The system captures waste heat and converts it into electricity using patented technology that can be retrofitted to existing internal combustion plants or incorporated into new projects. The company has developed a unique range of systems for the cogeneration of electricity from waste heat energy, including biogas or biomass.

These systems increase the efficiency of electricity production by 12% to meet specific requirements. The design, development, production and testing of the installed systems are all performed in-house. CTEC Energy Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Voith steam engines for the UK market.

VIALOG has developed a partnership since 2013 with CTEC Energy which has led to a network of several potential partners in France, including OVIVE with whom several deals are in progress.