Electrical architecture designer and manufacturer of unitary wire harnesses (prototypes) as well as innovation integrator

Integrator of innovation on mobility products, TECHNOMAP is a development center for future means of mobility.

Electrical architectures

Design, development and production of electrical and electronic architectures (beams and harnesses, on-board intelligence), for all types of vehicles (land, water and air),


Preparation of technological demonstrators (demo car and prototypes), to integrate innovative technical solutions, new powertrains,


Preparation of specific test means, in mechanics and electromechanical instrumentation, allowing to test, validate and make reliable, innovative sub-assemblies.


  • Design and engineering office working on Catia 3DExpérience, Catia V5, e3 series design software
  • Logistics – sourcing allowing the supply of all types of connectors and cables,
  • Electrical prototyping, manufacture of unit harnesses / harnesses and small series that do not require processing
  • Mechanical prototyping, ensuring the integration of innovations in the means of mobility on site or at the customer's


68 employees Technicians and engineers


80 modular cabling tables, on 1000 m² of manufacturing platform

16 5t vehicle lifts, in 4 confidential areas over 2500 m² of workshops accommodating all types of means of mobility

1 stock of connectors and cables up to €400k

1 4-wheel drive test bench, 900kW – 400km/h allowing safety adjustments

1 Beam inspection bay, ensuring the quality of the continuity – insulation – breakdown harnesses


15 Rue des Frères Robbe

Zone Eurochannel 2


Tél : 02 32 90 17 17

Président Directeur Général :

Mr Christophe VERGNEAULT